Plavix (Clopidogrel Bisulfate) is an antiplatelet drug, inhibiting thrombocyte aggregation. Blood clots are formed due to the adhesion of platelets. Plavix substantially stops platelet clumping from the first day of drug intake. As a result Plavix halves the ability of blood to form clots. Platelet aggregation and the time of bleeding becomes the same as it was before in five days after discontinuation of drug. This fact proves the necessity of continuous drug intake.

Plavix shows coronarodilator action. The main active component of Generic Plavix is clopidogrel bisulfate. If the patient suffers from atherosclerotic vascular disease Plavix can prevent the development of this disease despite the location of coronarodilator process.

This drug should be taken orally without regard to timing of food ingestion. It is prescribed in the dosage 75 g per day but the treatment by Plavix should be started with the loading dose, 300 mg per day. Nowadays the appropriate duration of treatment is not determined but according to the data of various scientific investigations this drug should be taken the whole year and maximum favorable effect is reached at the third month of treatment. In a combination with Clopidogrel acetylsalicylic acid is prescribed.

As we can see Plavix should be taken every day without interruption. Luckily nowadays everyone has an opportunity to order Plavix online. In such a way you can buy the necessary amount of packs for you and save money. Some drug stores offer Plavix coupon which gives you an opportunity to purchase this medicine with a discount.

If it happened that you missed the time of drug intake you should take the next dose according to the following rule. If less than 12 hours after the missed dose were elapsed you should take the missed dose and the next one should be taken at the customary hour.

If more than 12 hours were elapsed the patient should take the next dose at the customary hour (missed dose shouldn't be taken).

The efficacy of Plavix is evident but it should be taken only with the doctor's permission. Speaking about the side effects it' shouldns worth noting that they are inconspicuous and happen rarely. It can be gastrointestinal hemorrhage, thrombocytopenia, bellyache, gastritis or diarrhea.

The safety of Clopidogrel was investigated during a long period and 45 thousand of men proved its efficiency. Nowadays Plavix is presented for sale at any drug store all over the world. The sales were pushed up to 5 billion euro and sale level continuous growing. Clinical research studies find new ways of Plavix administration. Some pharmacies offer Plavix free trial and it offers a chance to assure oneself of the efficacy of the medicine.

Speaking about Plavix vs. Brilinta it should be said that both medicines can be combined. There interaction is possible though is not clearly understood. Patients, taking Plavix and Brilinta should check their blood pressure.